NINER SIR 9 Rahmen

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There is simply no reason frames built with one of the best metals on the planet shouldn't benefit from and take full advantage of cool technologies like updated headsets standards, tapered forks and through axles. All steel is not created equal. The S.I.R. tubing is a custom-selected set that utilizes the best tube options for each application within the frame. For the front triangle, we employ the new Reynolds 853 DZB (Double Zone Butting) tubing. Developed for mountain bikes, and specifically 29ers, Reynolds 853 DZB offers two significant advantages: 1-Downtube fork clearance in 29ers is tricky because of the relatively high HT-to-BB height. A straight downtube needs to be welded high on the back of the headtube to achieve fork clearance, often requiring either a gusset between the headtube and the downtube or a thicker heavier downtube to achieve desired strength. The Reynolds 853 DZB tube overcomes these limitations by incorporating two different butting profiles on the same downtube extra strength at the headtube combines with a butting profile in the rest of the tube that maintains ride quality and avoids weight penalties strong where we need it, compliant where we want it. 2-Another advantage and a significant first for this 853 DBZ tube is the proprietary bend. We worked with Reynolds to shape this tube for the S.I.R. 9 so the tube can attach lower on the headtube, reducing front end torsional flex, increasing steering precision and adding strength.For the stays, we incorporate steel custom bent in 3 dimensions with investment cast bridges and dropouts for ride quality and tire clearance. This shaping is proprietary to Niner and is not found on other steel mountain bikes. When combined with the new dropout system, provides superior power transfer while preserving the compliant ride quality you want in a steel frame.The new SIR 9 is now able to utilize tapered (or 1-1/8") steertube fork technology. The increased surface area of a tapered headtube allows for a larger downtube, increasing strength and rigidity at this critical intersection. Tapered fork steerer tubes measurably reduce fork deflection, which means your Niner tracks straight and true. The full spectrum of riders from XC racers to All Mountain shredders benefit from these features which is why we incorporate the technology in all our new frames. The S.I.R. 9 lets you take full advantage of increased steering precision as you carve a corner and descend toward the finish.While tubing upgrades are the focus of this new design, we haven't forgotten the details. The new the SIR 9 uses 148x12 spacing with an included maxle for added rear-end torsional stiffness, post mount brake bosses between the chain and seatstay for braking precision, and, of course, the Niner headbadge and two great color options for that finishing touch.

Recommended use: Cross Country
Material: Stahl
Rahmentyp: Hardtail 
Steuersatzdurchmesser: 1 1/2" - 1 1/8" tapered
Steuersatz: Ja, dabei
Innenlagertyp: PF30
Biocentric compatible: Biocentric (included)
Kabelführung: außen
Umwerfermontage: 34,9 mm
Derailleur pull: side swing
Bremse: Post Mount
Sattelstützdurchmesser: 30,9 mm
Hinterradachse: ja. 12x148 mm.
Herstellergarantie: 2 Jahre


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